Interacting with People with Developmental Disability

Be patient and give the person time to respond.
A person with developmental disabilities would have difficulties to listening to more than one person speaking at a time so take turns.
Speak in your usual tone of voice, using simple words and sentences.

Be direct in a request. Use real objects, photos and pictures to help in explaining

Speak directly to the person, and not his/her caregiver.

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  •         PHYSICAL DISABILITY          
  •        VISION LOSS        
  •       HEARING LOSS      
        PHYSICAL DISABILITY          

Physical Disability

refers to either with a total or partial loss of bodily functions, such as the ability to walk or fine motor skills, or a total or partial loss of a part of the body.

e.g. Amputation, spinal cord injury, stroke, etc.

Should we be leaning on wheelchairs at crowded public spaces?

       VISION LOSS        

Vision Loss

is any diagnosed condition of the eye or visual system that cannot be corrected to within normal limits.

How do we guide people with vision loss safely?

      HEARING LOSS      

Hearing Loss

is defined as being partially or completely unable to hear sounds in one or both ears.

Should we shout when speaking to people with hearing loss?

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