Jean Ling




What was supposed to be a fun holiday in New Zealand turned out to be a nightmare for Jean Ling. A survivor of a car crash, the accident left her permanently paralysed from the waist down. Losing her mobility overnight crushed Jean, who was at a loss about how her injuries would affect her life.

With the support of her loved ones, Jean enrolled into SPD’s Transition to Employment (TTE) programme and trained hard to reacquaint herself with using a wheelchair for daily tasks. She returned to work successfully after completing her rehabilitation at TTE.

Through a mutual friend, she found love in Jake Oh and got married in 2017. Determined to walk down the aisle, Jean practised hard with a walking aid and managed to surprise Jake on their wedding day.

Despite her limited mobility, Jean’s adventurous spirit never left her. The couple even went back to New Zealand, where Jean tried adaptive skiing and skydiving. And just when we thought she is finally done, Jean even picked up adaptive rock climbing!​

Two years ago, the couple was blessed with their first child, Summer. While Jean was overjoyed with the arrival of her daughter, she faced many hurdles as a parent with a disability.

She had wanted to do many things for Summer but was afraid to put her daughter in danger. For example, as she does not have strength in her core, Jean feared that she might accidentally drop and injure Summer when trying to pick her up from the cot.​

But she managed to adjust to caring for Summer from a wheelchair. With the arrival of her second child, Jean strives to be an even braver mum as she looks forward to trying more activities with him.​

Wanting to give back to society, Jean participated in numerous charity events – she joined her company’s volunteer group in 2018 to spread festive cheer to underprivileged children, modelled at a charity fashion show and took part in fundraising runs.​

She hopes that by sharing her story through the UNLABEL campaign, it can help to change public perceptions about the abilities of persons with disabilities.

Jean has come a long way since sustaining her injury. Never one to give up, her courage and tenacity in living her life to the fullest have led her to where she is now.

Today, Jean is an avid explorer and happy mother of two.

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Jean tries adaptive skiing in New Zealand

Ever the adventurer, Jean has tried adaptive skiing in the snow, riding a horse, scuba diving and skydiving. ​​

Jean is now a happy mother of two!

Watch this video of Jean sharing about her accident and journey to recovery, in this special feature interview with CNA Insider.