Interacting with People with Physical Disabilities

If you are not sure of what to do, ask “Can I help?”
Ask before giving assistance or handling his/her wheelchair.
Assistive devices such as wheelchairs help people with disabilities in their daily lives. They are really important and personal to their users.
If a conversation is expected to last longer, suggest an area where all parties can be seated.
Check for accessibility such as ramps and wide corridors.

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  •        VISION LOSS        
  •       HEARING LOSS      
  •         DEVELOPMENTAL        
       VISION LOSS        

Vision Loss

is any diagnosed condition of the eye or visual system that cannot be corrected to within normal limits.

How do we guide people with vision loss safely?

      HEARING LOSS      

Hearing Loss

is defined as being partially or completely unable to hear sounds in one or both ears.

Should we shout when speaking to people with hearing loss?


Developmental Disability

refers to a range of developmental disorders characterised by difficulties in socialisation and communication, and restricted or repetitive pattern of behaviours and interest.

Should we be making fun of people with developmental disabilities?

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We provide disability etiquette talks to help build your confidence in interacting with persons with disabilities.